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1) ARTH230-001
2) ARTH340-001
3) ARTH415-001

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COURSES TAUGHT: (**indicates courses developed)

College of Charleston

Autocad and Photoshop for Preservationists (planned for this Maymester) **

Introduction to Historic Preservation (ARTH 230)

Introduction to Urban Planning (URST 310)

Urban Design Studio (ARTH 315)

Historic Preservation Studio (ARTH 318)

Landscape Preservation Studio (ARTH 340) **

Senior Seminar (ARTH 415)

Regional and Environmental Planning (PUBA 502) **

University of Georgia

Large Scale Resource Analysis and Land Use Planning Techniques (LAR 316)

Undergraduate Site Engineering and Design (LAR 315/358)

Undergraduate Landscape Engineering (LAR 350)

Graduate Construction (LAR 503)