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Background Lectures

From the CAD class, for your reference:
AutoCAD and Photoshop: An Introduction
Randolph scan

This one will change a bit for each semester based on
the project we will be working on.
Survey Equipment
(Total Station and GPS device)
Palladio Equipment

Class Information

Download Library:
You will need to sign up for this free file storage site.
You will find files that we can work with together
in class as exercises under "HP819"
including drawings, photos, miscellaneous art.
Again, feel free to upload files here that you would
like to contribute or share.

All Links are kept on the Del.icio.us Web Site
Feel free to add to the posting under

Exel file for inputting data. You can use this to record field data and calculate points to input to a Point to DXF program as below.
Equipment List
Link to Pointer Software
Link to HABS drawing requirements
SCDNR Data site
Global Gazetteer of the American Revolution
UTM Conversion
Dixie Plantataion

Link to Blacklock Survey